Arch-nemisis to Superman, and architect of the Legion of Doom, Lex Luthor is a name infamous to pop culture, even to those not terribly interested in "funny books." He is the quintessence of evil and the poster child for master plans and dreams of world domination. For decades he has waged a one-man war, pitting super-science against superpowers in an unending quest for total conquest. According to Wikipedia:

"he character was originally depicted as a mad scientist who, in the vein of pulp novels, wreaks havoc on the world with his futuristic weaponry. In his earliest appearances, Luthor is shown with a full head of red hair; despite this, the character later became hairless as the result of an artist's mistake...Although Luthor would not appear until two years after Superman's debut, a central theme to his character -a dichotomy of science versus superpowersówas in place.

Superman #4 (April 1940).
Luthor's 1st bald appearance

"The character's original incarnation, as drawn by Joe Shuster, appeared only twice between 1940-1941. In his debut, "Luthor" (who is referred to only by his surname) is a wily genius who resides in a flying city suspended by a dirigible. Having taken control of several European countries through his machinations, he tries to provoke a war between the two fictional nations of Galonia and Toran, but is stopped by Superman "

"In his earliest appearances, Luthor is shown as a middle-aged man with a full head of red hair. Less than a year later, however, an artistic goof resulted in Luthor being depicted as completely bald in a newspaper strip. The original error is attributed to Leo Novak, a studio artist who illustrated for the Superman dailies during this period. One theory is that Novak mistook Luthor for the Ultra-Humanite, a frequent foe of Superman who, in his Golden Age incarnation, resembled a balding, elderly man. Other evidence suggests Luthor's design was confused with that of a stockier, bald henchman in Superman (vol. 1) #4 (1940)"

Action Comics #23 (April 1940).
Luthor's 1st appearance;
with a full head of hair!

This model is a repaint combining elements from some of my other models. It was put together by
John-Paul Cote
as part of a diorama that he is constructng. I've added the options of building him in either his business suit or lab coat, and either bald or with a full head of hair. He came out quite nicely and I'm glad to add this model to the other offerings here. I hope you enjoy assembling this brilliant baddie!

Happy Modeling!!
The Professor.


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