Soaring on the patriotic fervor of the Golden Age, combat pilot Blackhawk and his self-named paramilitary squadron
of international aces took to the skies of World War II, defeating the evil Axis powers in the name of Queen and Country. Created by Chuck Cuidera and Bob Powell,
with input from Will Eisner, this was one of the first team of heroes in comic history, and they've enjoyed a run of over 60 years, eventually spinning off into radio, movie serials, and novel form. According to internationalhero.co.uk:

"Blackhawk was a member of the Polish resistance, fighting the Nazis with daring night attacks in a plane he had painted black. However, after one such raid, he was pursued back to his family's farm by Colonel Von Tepp, who then bombed the house, killing Blackhawk's younger brother and sister. Blackhawk vowed revenge, and began a ceaseless campaign to destroy the Hun.

Blackhawk Comics #12
Autumn. 1940

"He soon attracted like-minded fliers from other occupied countries, leading to the formation of the Blackhawk Squadron (Poles Blackhawk and Stanislaus, the English Chuck, Dutchman Hendrickson, Frenchman Andre, Swedish Olaf and Chinese Chop-Chop (Liu Huang), answerable only to Winston Churchill. Post-war, he fought both communists and supervillains, even briefly gaining superpowers himself."
Blackhawk began as a property of Quality Comics, where he enjoyed a healthy run of over 25 years. In 1956 the character was leased to National Comics (later to become DC), finally purchased and fully-owned by DC Comics some years later. He and his squadron have been revisited, retconned and re-imagined over the decades, and still appear in various titles to this day.

"The greedy grasp of tyranny is upon Europe, and ramparts of evil challenge the free-born peoples of the world to dispute Nazi cruelty if they dare! And there are those who dare, who've never refused a dare yet! Messengers of destruction to all evil and injustice -- The Blackhawks!"


The model I've designed is patterned from comic covers like the one above featuring one of Blackhawk's early appearances. I have included optional parts to allow for some of the costume variants present in early issues. I haven't had a chance to build this one yet - so it's still a beta.
I hope you enjoy assembling th
is high-flying Freedom Fighter!

Happy Modeling!!
The Professor.

p.s. If you do build it, please send pics here :)



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