An unusual member of the Golden Age pantheon of crimefighting heroes, the Green Lama was a practicing Buddhist. The character pursued adventures in comocs and on the radio. According to Wikipedia:
"The Green Lama is an alias of Jethro Dumont, a rich resident of New York City who spent ten years in Tibet studying to be a lama (a Buddhist Spiritual Teacher) and learning many mystical secrets in the process. Dumont is also endowed with superhuman powers acquired through his scientific knowledge of radioactive salts. Dumont has two alter egos - the crime-fighting Green Lama, and the Buddhist priest Dr Pali."
Author of the original novel, Kendall Foster Crossen recalled that the character was created because the publishers of Double Detective, the Frank Munsey

Green Lama #1 / Dec 1944
company, wanted a competitor for The Shadow which was published by their rivals Street & Smith. The Green Lama proved to be successful (though not as successful as The Shadow), and Crossen continued to produce Green Lama stories for Double Detective regularly up until March 1943
"The Green Lama stories are unusual amongst the pulp fiction of that era in their sympathetic and relatively knowledgeable portrayal of Buddhism, both in the text of the stories and in numerous footnotes. From Crossen's own comments, however, it is clear that this was not proselytism on his part but simply because he wanted to create a Tibetan Buddhist character and then read everything he could find on the subject. The most frequent reference to Buddhism in the stories is the use of the Sanskrit mantra "Om mani padme hum" (roughly "Hail, the jewel on the lotus", though the actual phrase defies exact translation), which would indeed be used by Tibetan monks.

The model I've designed is patterned directly from the cover above featuring one of Green Lama's early appearances.. It's a beta, s I have not built it yet. If you do. please send a picture or two, and let me know if there were any problems with the build. Cheers!

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