As far as superhero costumes go, you'd have to go pretty far to find one as charmingly goofy as that on the Fighting Yank. You just gotta respect a hero that fights crime in a tri-corner hat and pilgrim shoes! According to Wikipedia:

"The initial comic-book character called Fighting Yank first appeared in Nedor Comics' Startling Comics #10, during the period fans and historians call the Golden Age of comic books. He was created by writer Richard E. Hughes and artist Jon L. Blummer. Fighting Yank was created during World War II as a patriotic hero similar to The Shield and Captain America. He was one of Nedor Comics more successful characters, eventually replacing Captain Future in Startling Comics. In September 1942, Fighting Yank received his own title.

Startling Comics #10 /Sep. 1941
Fighting Yank's 1st Appearance
"Bruce Carter III obtained his superhuman powers when the ghost of his ancestor Bruce Carter I, a hero from the American War of Independence, appeared to him and showed him the location of a magical cloak that could give the wearer invulnerability and super strength. Only Carter III's girlfriend, Joan Farwell, knows of his dual identity."

The model I've designed is patterned directly from the cover above featuring The Fighting Yank's 1st appearance. I haven't had a chance to build this one yet - so it's still a beta. But I hope you enjoy assembling this Patriotic peace keeperr!

Happy Modeling!!
The Professor.

p.s. If you do build it, please send pics here :)



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