One of the major players in the superhero ranks at MLJ Comics (later Archie Comics) was the indominable Black Hood. The character enjoyed a healthy run in the pages of Top Notch Comics, and his own title Black Hood Comics, and even had his own radio show. According to Wikipedia:

"The Black Hood focused on the adventures of a series of vigilante characters with the same name throughout history. Each Black Hood character would somehow come into possession of a black hood and, when the character wore the hood, he or she was given heightened awareness, and increased strength, speed, and agility. The hood caused each of its wearers to become a vigilante and fight injustice."

Top Notch #9 /Oct. 1940

" An interesting feature of the hood was what appeared to be a curse. After a certain period of time, each wearer of the black hood would meet an untimely death. After the death of the Black Hood, the hood would find its way into the hands of another individual with the potential to become the next Black Hood.".

"The titular black hood was originally an executioner's mask. As a witch was being executed for the crime of witchcraft, she cursed not the executioner, but his hood. From that point on, whoever wore the hood would be compelled to "do only good".
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"In his first incarnation, the Black Hood was a costumed man of mystery who had been trained by a hermit to battle evil. The comic book was at first intentionally vague as to whether he possessed superpowers, or simply had the unusual strength, agility, and healing abilites that costumed crime fighters seem to possess. His real name was Matthew Kipling "Kip" Burland, an ex-cop who had been framed for grand larceny and left for dead by a villain known as The Skull. Burland eventually cleared his name, but continued to wear the costume."

The model I've designed is patterned directly from the cover above featuring Black Hood's 1st appearance. I haven't had a chance to build this one yet - so it's still a beta. But I hope you enjoy assembling this Mystery Man!

Happy Modeling!!
The Professor.

p.s. If you do build it, please send pics here :)



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