In his Golden Age prime, The Blue Beetle, starred in his own comic book series, newspaper strip and radio serial. Originally scripted by Will Eisner, this character was extremely popular with war-era readers, eventually surviving several story/character reboots and revisions. Today, he enjoys a new life in a number of modern DC publications and even appears with some regularity in his new form in animated cartoons. According to Wikipedia:


"The original Golden Age Blue Beetle was Dan Garret, son of a police officer killed by a criminal. This Fox Feature Syndicate version of the character debuted in Mystery Men Comics #1 (Aug. 1939), and began appearing in his own 60-issue series shortly thereafter.

Blue Beetle #4 (October 1940). Cover art by Edd Ashe

Rookie patrolman Dan Garret originally fought crime as the Blue Beetle without the benefit of superhuman abilities. Garret later donned a bulletproof costume, described by him as being made of a chain-mail which was 'as thin and light as silk', and temporarily gained superhuman strength from ingesting the mysterious Vitamin 2-X."


According to WonderWorldComics.com


"Dan was given the secret experimental vitamin 2X, a super drug that endows its recipient with super strength and healing abilities, increased speed, heightened senses, and enhanced intellectual capacity. ...The effects of vitamin 2X were temporary, however, and when serious crime called for super powers, Officer Dan Garrett had to rush to Dr. Franz's drug store, where, in a hidden room, he donned his costume and took a vitamin 2X pill. A super-powered Blue Beetle would then emerge to strike out against evil.

There was little in the way of editorial consistency at Fox Comics...there was nothing resembling a house style for Blue Beetle artists; and... there were even inconsistencies in the powers that Blue Beetle possessed. The Blue Beetle with the familiar bulletproof costume and vitamin-2X powers could probably be considered the definitive character; it was the basis for the 1940 radio series, making this version of that character the one that the largest audience was exposed to. "


The model I've designed is patterned from comic covers like the one above featuring The Blue Beetle's earliest appearances. I have included optional pieces so you can build him in several of his different costume variants. I haven't had a chance to build this one yet - so it's still a beta. But I hope you enjoy assembling this Classic Hero!

Happy Modeling!!
The Professor.

p.s. If you do build it, please send pics here :)



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