Though perhaps better known for his DC Comics creations like the Green Lantern, comic impressario Gardner Fox gave the world many other major and minor greats during the Golden Age. Skyman enjoyed a healthy run, eventually getting his own title, by capitalizing on the still novel fascination with airplanes and flight.. According to Wikipedia:

"The Skyman was Allen Turner, who was raised by his uncle to become "outstanding in mind and body." A brilliant scientist, he had no superpowers but did have a flying wing-shaped airplane, similar to the Northrop YB-35, dubbed The Wing, that flew by the power of Earth's magnetic poles. With this and money inherited from his late uncle's will, he fought crime...

Blue Beetle #4 (October 1940). Cover art by Edd Ashe

"After appearing in the first eight issues of Big Shot Comicxs, the character was spun off into his own series, in which one issue each appeared in 1941, 1942, 1947, and 1948. The Skyman went on to appear in virtually every issue of Big Shot through issue #101 (May 1949)."


The model I've designed is patterned from comic covers like the one above featuring one of Skyman's earliest appearances. I haven't had a chance to build this one yet - so it's still a beta. But I hope you enjoy assembling this Classic Hero!

Happy Modeling!!
The Professor.

p.s. If you do build it, please send pics here :)



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