Sprung from the minds of the great comics team of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, the Vision first appeared in the Golden Age, and enjoyed a healthy run in Marvel Mystery Comics. He has also made appearances in recent years. According to Wikipedia:

"The Golden Age Vision, also known as Aarkus, is an alien law enforcement officer from a dimension called Smokeworld. While Aarkus is looking for a suitable place to exile a prisoner, he is accidentally contacted by an Earth scientist named Markham Erickson. Leaving the prisoner on the planet Jupiter, Aarkus accepts Erickson's invitation to fight crime on Earth. Aarkus does so for several years, although during World War II, he is briefly manipulated by the Axis powers into fighting the Allies. The superhero team the Invaders, however, manage to help Aarkus realize his mistake."

Marvel Mystery #13 /Mar. 1940
Cover Art by Jack Kirby
The Vision's 1st Appearance

"A simulacrum of the Vision was temporarily created from the mind of Rick Jones, along with those of the Blazing Skull, the Fin, and the Golden Age Angel and Patriot, to aid the superhero team the Avengers during the Kree-Skrull War."

" In the present day, it is revealed that he inhabits the sewers under New York, taking care of a Cosmic Cube that is feeding off the feelings of people affected by the death of Captain America, at the end of a stint with time traveling, we last see him with the newly resurrected Toro. Aarakus can generate illusory images of himself; fly; generate ice and extreme cold; and teleport wherever there is smoke."


The model I've designed is patterned directly from art of the Vision's early appearances. I haven't had a chance to build this one yet - so it's still a beta. Please let me know if you encounter any glitches.

Happy Modeling!!
The Professor.

p.s. If you do build it, please send pics here :)




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