Although not a favorite of creative teacm Joe Simon & Jack Kirby, Bucky was the first superhero sidekick, and paved the way for all who followed. He has had a very colorful, and tortuous storyline, eventually ending up in the. Captain America suit himself. According to Wikipedia:

"Barnes was born in Shelbyville, Indiana in 1925. He is an orphan, the son of a soldier killed in training at U.S. Army Camp Lehigh. As a result, he is unofficially adopted by the camp as a mascot. Nicknamed "Bucky," he takes to wearing a uniform and becoming savvy with the ins and outs of military life, even though he is a teenager. It was at Lehigh that he meets and befriends Private Steven Rogers, who by all appearances is the clumsiest soldier in the camp. This was at the same time that reports of the then-mysterious Captain America begin to appear in news magazines, and Barnes eagerly devours the accounts of this new hero."

Captain America #2 /Mar. 1941
Cover Art by Jack Kirby

"In 1940, Bucky accidentally walked in on Rogers changing into his uniform, thus discovering his friend was Captain America and insisted that he join him. He underwent extensive training and was assigned to be Captain America's partner. The military justified putting a 15-year-old in harm's way by using him as a symbol to rally the youth of America. They fight the Red Skull together, and Captain America accepts Bucky as his partner.Together, Captain America and Bucky fight Nazis both at home and abroad, as a duo and as part of the superhero team known as the Invaders. Barnes also teams up with the sidekicks of other heroes in a group called the Young Allies. Bucky served as an advance scout for Captain America and the Invaders, often being assigned tasks that none of the heroes could be seen doing."


The model I've designed is patterned directly from the cover above featuring one of Bucky's earliest appearances. However, I have also included a few extras to allow him to be built as he appered in later issues later. I haven't had a chance to build this one yet - so it's still a beta. But I hope you enjoy assembling this Super Sidekick!

Happy Modeling!!
The Professor.




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