One of the more enduring DC characters of the Golden Age, who preceded Superman to the silver screen by a full year, the Vigilante is a crossover character concocted by the great Mort Weisinger & Mort Meskin. A singing cowboy crimefighter who rode a motorcycle instead of a horse, and punched out gangsters instead of desperados, the Vigilante was a support feature in Action Comics for over a decade, as well as appearing as a member of the Seven Soldiers of Victory, continuing on past the end of the Golden Age, and even enjoying a modern age reboot in animated cartoons. According to Wikipedia:
"he original Vigilante was a western-themed hero who debuted in Action Comics #42. The origin of the Vigilante was straightforward, as was typical of 1940's mystery men. Greg Sanders's grandfather was an Indian fighter, and his father was a sheriff in Wyoming. As a young man, Saunders moved east to New York City and became a country singer, radio's "Prairie Troubadour". Greg returned to his home after his father was killed, bringing to justice the gang of bandits who killed the sheriff during a stagecoach hold-up. Afterwards Saunders devoted his life to battling criminals in the same manner, taking the Western-themed identity of the Vigilante."

Action Comics #42 /Nov. 1941
Art by Mort Meskin

Lobby Card for the 1941 Serial
"The majority of the Vigilante's solo adventures were against non-powered, costumed criminals. He was an excellent brawler, trick shooter, sharpshooter, horseman and motorcycle rider, and an expert with the lariat. These skills gave him advantage over his adversaries in his adventures, which centered primarily in New York City."
"The Vigilante was also a member of the Seven Soldiers of Victory (also known as the Law's Legionnaires), one of the earliest super-hero teams (appearing in Leading Comics)...The Vigilante was also one of the few super-hero features to survive the end of the "Golden Age" of super-hero comics, lasting as a solo feature until Action Comics #198 (1954)..."
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The model I've designed is patterned directly from the cover above featuring the Vigilante's 1st appearance. The model includes parts for 3-D guns as well as a more simplified version. For additional fun, coil up some string like a lariat and throw it over the Vigilante's shoulder to comlete the look. This is a beta model, so as always, please let me know if you find problems.

Happy Modeling!!
The Professor

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