Members of both the Seven Soldiers of Victory and the Justice Society of America, The Star-Spangled Kid & Stripesy were an unusual teaming, reversing the trend of the day by pairing a teenage hero with an adult sidekick.. According to Wikipedia:
"The original Star-Spangled Kid was Sylvester Pemberton, a Golden Age character. He became the Star-Spangled Kid in order to battle Nazi spies and fifth columnists during World War II. He was unique in that he was a kid superhero who operated with an adult sidekick, Stripesy a.k.a. Pat Dugan. Both he and Dugan were superb acrobats along with having sufficient training in hand-to-hand combat. They devised a series of acrobatic maneuvers that allowed them to build upon one another's strengths, the Kid's agility and Dugan's strength. They also built the Star Rocket Racer, a bubble-topped limousine with the functions of a rocket and helicopter."

Star-Spangled Comics #1 / Oct 41
Cover Art by Hal Sherman
"The Kid and Stripesy were members of the Seven Soldiers of Victory as well as the All-Star Squadron. The Seven Soldiers were lost in time in 1950 and rescued decades later by the Justice League of America and the Justice Society of America. Sylvester then joined the JSA, at which time a then-injured Starman (Ted Knight) loaned him his cosmic rod. Soon afterwards, the Kid refined the technology of the rod, devising a belt with similar powers such as energy projection, flight and matter transmutation. ."

The models I've designed are patterned directly from the cover above featuring an early appearances by this powerful pair. I have not built them yet, so they are still in the BETA stage. IIf you build them, please send a pic or two, and and have fun building this terrific team!

Happy Modeling!!
The Professor.



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