Ted Knight, was one of the earliest super-scientist superheroes. With powers gleaned from the machinations of his amazing intellect, he is not a man of magic, but a creature of science - Starman! According to Wikipedia:
"Ted Knight has no natural superhuman powers. His abilities stem from the use of his inventions, the gravity rod and the cosmic rod. These devices channel an unknown form of stellar radiation which Ted is able to manipulate through the rod. As Starman, he possesses the ability to fly, project bursts of stellar energy, light, and heat, create force fields and simple energy constructs, and levitate objects. Extended use of the cosmic rod created a bond between it and Ted, allowing him to mentally summon the rod when separated from it."

Adventure Comics #61 / 1941
Starman's 1st Apparance
"Ted possesses a brilliant intellect, mastery of several sciences, and a gift for invention. In addition to the gravity and cosmic rods, Ted created the cosmic staff used by his son Jack and the cosmic converter belt worn by his JSA teammates the Star-Spangled Kid and Stargirl. He was at some point employed as a physics professor..."

"Ted Knight's contributions to science (especially physics and astrophysics) are not fully recognized in his lifetime; but an encounter with the Legion's 30th century hero Star Boy meets him and tells him that his contributions were recognized, but not for hundreds of years after his death. His theories and writings were so revolutionary that, once fully understood, he is considered a peer of Isaac Newton and Galileo."

I've patterned this model directly from the cover above showing Starman's first appearance. I haven't had a chance to build it yet, so it is still a BETA. I will post build pics as soon as possible. If you build it, please send pics!

Happy Modeling!!
The Professor.



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