One of the more mysterious characters of the Golden Age, and one which has undergone several incarnations into the present day, the Sandman has transformed from "Mystery Man" to costumed superhero to ethereal cosmic entity.

According to Wikipedia:
"Following his first appearance in Adventure Comics #40, the Sandman continued to star in one of that title's features through #102 (March 1945). One of the medium's seminal "mystery men", as referred to at the time, the Sandman straddled the pulp magazine detective tradition and the emerging superhero tradition by dint of his dual identity and his fanciful, masked attire and weapon an exotic "gas gun" that could compel villains to tell the truth, as well as put them to sleep.
Unlike many superheroes, he frequently found himself the victim of gunshot wounds... and he would continue fighting in spite of serious limitations the injuries caused."

Adventure Comics No. 46
Jan. 1940
Cover Art by Bert Christman

" In his early career, Dodds was frequently aided by his girlfriend, Dian Belmont, who is aware of his dual identity. Unlike many superhero love interests, Belmont was often, though not always, portrayed as an equal partner of the Sandman, rather than a damsel in distress. Later stories would reveal that the two remained together for the duration of their lives, though they never married."

"The Sandman was one of the original members of the Justice Society of America when that superhero team was introduced in All Star Comics #3, published by All-American Comics, one of the companies that would merge to form DC."


The model I've designed is patterned directly from the cover above featuring one of the Sandman's earliest appearances. The model includes a removable fedora and mask, and the Sandman's high-tech gas gun.

Happy Modeling!!
The Professor.



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