Rather undersung, and undervalued, in the Golden Age JSA line-up is the character of Mr. Terrific, created by Chuck Reizenstein and Hal Sharp. This character enjoyed a healthy run both in the Golden Age, and has appeared in newer stories featuring JSA characters, always proving himself to be a stalwart warrior of justice and "Fair Play.". According to Don Markstein's Toonopedia:
" Mr. Terrific first appeared in Sensation Comics #1 (January, 1942), the comic that also launched Wonder Woman's first series. The story was written by Chuck Reizenstein, who also wrote the first Dr. Mid-Nite story, and drawn by Hal Sharp, who also collaborated with writer/editor Mort Weisinger to create an even more minor DC character, Tarantula. He stayed in Sensation's back pages for the next few years, never appearing on a cover or making any kind of apparent impression on readers, while writers and artists came and went.

Mr. Terrific's 1st Appearance:
Sensation Comics #1
(Jan. 1942).
Art by Hal Sharp

"His finest moment was in All Star Comics #24 (Spring, 1946), when he and Wildcat (another denizen of the Sensation Comics back pages) replaced Starman and The Spectre in The Justice Society of America. But in #25, both were ousted in favor of bringing back The Flash and Green Lantern, who had been demoted to honorary members in the JSA's early days."

"That one All Star adventure was the closest the character ever came to breaking out of his original venue And even that ended in Sensation #63 (March, 1947)...Which isn't all that bad a run, actually a lot of '40s superheroes had shorter ones; and many had more going for them in the way of powers than just being good at everything, and more in the way of motivation than to escape crushing boredom. "

From Wikipedia:
"The Golden Age's Mister Terrific was Terry Sloane, a self-made millionaire whose photographic memory, Olympic-level athletic skills, and mastery of the martial arts made him a virtual Renaissance man. After graduating college at age 13, he eventually became a renowned business leader in the community. Having accomplished all his goals, he felt there were no challenges left for him to pursue, leading him towards suicidal tendencies. However, upon seeing a young woman jump from a bridge, Sloane reacted quickly and saved the woman, Wanda Wilson. Sloane assisted her brother, who had been caught up in a gang, by adopting his Mister Terrific persona. This provided him with what he had been missing; a sense of accomplishment. He then created the "Fair Play Club" to stymie growing juvenile delinquency."


The model I've designed is patterned directly from one of Mr. Terrific's 1st appearances. The model also contains extra pieces to allow building him with three different costume variants as seen in later stories..

Happy Modeling!!
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