One of the more complex characters of the Golden Age, Hourman's poignant story, fraught with the frailty of the human condition, helped set the stage for other more flawed, introspective heroes - even into the modern age. According to Wikipedia:
"Scientist Rex Tyler, raised in upstate New York, developed an affinity for chemistry, particularly biochemistry. Working his way through college, he landed a job researching vitamins and hormone supplements at Bannermain Chemical. A series of discoveries and accidents led him to the "miraculous vitamin" Miraclo. ... After taking a dose himself, Rex found he could have superhuman strength and speed for the hour that vitamin's effects lasted, before returning to human levels... "

Advenure Comics No. 48
March. 1940
"Keeping the discovery of Miraclo a secret, Tyler decided that human trials would be limited to the only subject he could trust- himself. Feeling that the Miraclo-induced abilities should be used for good purposes, he decided to use the abilities to help those that needed it; in other words, he would become a superhero based in Appleton City.... Using a costume he found in an abandoned costume shop, he started to adventure as The Hour-Man (later dropping the hyphen). In November 1940, Hourman became one of the founding members of the first superhero team, the Justice Society of America..."
"Unlike some other Golden Age heroes, his character would continue to grow more and more complex. The idea that Miraclo was addictive, combined with the suggestion that Tyler himself was addicted to crime fighting, made Hourman one of the superhero world's first cautionary tales. Rex would continue to fight both of his addictions throughout the rest of his appearances..."

The model I've designed is patterned directly from the cover above featuring the Hourman's 1st appearance. You will need a piece of red string or thread to hang the hourglass around his neck.

Happy Modeling!!
The Professor.



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