Since I started posting these little fellas in the summer of '08, I've had a number of people tell me how much they enjoy them. On these pages I will post pics that people send me of their builds. For a designer, there is no bigger thrill than seeing your design come to life in someone else's hands. If you build any of my models, please send me pics so I can post your work here as well - or at least just see it (if you're shy.)Happy modeling!! - The Prof.
Click on the images below for enlarged views.

Alfredo Podesta
Genoa, Italy

Mr. Podesta is a brilliant paper model designer who is very well known in his native Italy. He found the designs on the G.A.S. P. website and was inspired to create these beautiful little "mash-up" statuettes utilizing the artwork skinned over a new template. He has even agreed to let us host them here! CLICK HERE or on any of the pics above to go to a special page where his models are hosted.. Thanks Alfredo!
Campos dos Goytacazes - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Robson has done a fine job assembling Ol' Cap. Nice neat work.
And he's given us a peek at Steve Rogers under the mask.
Students of John-Paul Cote
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
... ...

J.P. Cote is a major contributing designer to the G.A.S.P, site. When he's not designing Golden Age Villains and playsets, he's a high school graphic design teacher. Recently, his students designed new heroes using the Ware template. Here are three great designs: Oxide, Nitro, and the Blue Mask.
Fine work indeed

Nathaniel Duverge
Here's a funny little accident. Nathaniel printed up the parts on a faulty printer and got what might be mistaken for a Soviet Superman.
Up, Up and Away, Komrade!
Mark Reutter
Howell, Michigan, USA
Mark sent along these pics of some models, including a trio of the Halloween treats. Thanks Mark.!
....... ....... ..........
D. Aikins
Connecticut, USA
Mr. Aikins is a new friend from the comic-fan site CriticalMess.Net. He recently sent these photos of some of his builds. I ended up using the Human Torch photo on the cover of the finished model. Thanks D.!
John-Paul Cote
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
Mr. Cote, a teacher of graphic design, has taken the next step by creating a diorama setting for his Captain America model. He used the pipe cleaner and paper bead armature option for posability, and repainted some models to create a pair of Germans. Nice work!
Here's another beauty. It's Captain Marvel preparing to do battle with his arch-nemesis Black Adam on a frozen mountain top.. Keep 'em coming, Jean-Paul!
Jean-Paul strikes again! Here we have Superman attacked by Bizarro and Lex Luthor on the roof of the Daily Planet. This is my favorite so far...lots of drama!

Valentin P.L. Martinussen

Mr. Martinussen has been quite busy building. I'm happy to see a number of my beta models looking so good in his collection. He also opted to use the spring joints and display stand for his models. Looks like it's all working out great. Thanks for the photos Valentin!

Jose Elier Moctezuma Aguirre
Cordoba, Veracruz, México

Mr. Aguirre, an architect, was very kind to send me these pics of his terrific builds. He used glossy paper and a laser printer to get these sparkling results. He also chose to roll up the beads, and then use them to glue the figures into fixed positions; an inspired idea I had not considered. Thanks Jorge!
CLICK HERE to download a DISPLAY STAND for your models
Above designs are the work of The Professor ©2011
..except as noted.
Got a suggestion for a hero to add to the list? Email me. I'll see what I can do.

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