One problem I had with the otherwise terrific template on
which Chris Ware built his Bat-man model, is that the spring joints - while highly flexible - did not have the stiffness at the hips and knees to allow the model to stand on its own. This is one reason why I modified it to allow for pipe cleaner wiring to create a sturdier frame. Now the model would remain upright, but with capes and props added to the models, they would not balance well on their feet. I put small, strong magnets in the feet of my builds to allow them to stand upright on a metal surface. I then cut metal flashing into small rectangles to create bases, but I know this option is not open to all builders. I also recognize and respect some builders' desire to remain pure to a model that is "all paper."


To that end, I have designed this display stand. It is a simple, one piece construction that is sturdy and low-profile. It will support the model built with spring joints, as well as one made with pipe-cleaner-and-paper-bead joints. The rectangle base is sized to allow you to glue down the graphic art base piece I include on page 3 of every model.

The model page contains a fold diagram as well as step-by-step photo instructions for assembly.
Currently, I am offering a grey version and a white version. If you feel another color is called for, please drop me a line and I'll whip one up.

Happy Modeling!!
The Professor.